Shining Jewels Abound in La Ville-Lumire

Shining jewels abound in “La Ville-Lumiere,” a French phrase meaning “The City of Light.” This phrase is frequently used to describe Paris. The shining jewels of Paris include famous landmarks such as the Louvr, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower. Shoppers may consider the city’s designer boutiques to be some of its shining jewels.

Pieces with shining jewels at the Louvr include a crown and bracelets. Visitors can also see works of art by da Vinci, Rembrandt and Vermeer at this museum.

History lovers will enjoy visiting Notre Dame Cathedral. Construction on the cathedral began in the 12th Read the rest of this entry »

Staying in a Hotel Vs. a Bed and Breakfast

There are some major distinctions between hotels and bed and breakfasts in Paris. Tourists visiting France’s capital city should be aware of the main features of these popular lodging options. A luxurious Parisian hotel usually has a grand traditional or contemporary interior design with exclusive amenities such as hot tubs, kitchens, bars and multiple king size beds. By contrast, a small bed and breakfast offers standard amenities that may include a bathroom, microwave and queen Read the rest of this entry »

Breakfast in Bed: The Best Hotel Breakfasts

Does the smell of coffee awake you from bed in the morning? This aroma can also wake you up while you stay at a hotel in Paris. Many hotels serve something for guests in the morning, but there are a few that go all out when it comes to the food served for breakfast. The Hotel Le Bristol has an immaculate breakfast with pastries, coffee, fruits and more. Saint James Paris is an elegant hotel. While you are enjoying your breakfast, you Read the rest of this entry »

Taking Care of Business at Home First

Travel begins with a point of origin and an eventual destination. For the purpose of this blog, that destination is Paris, but the journey always starts at home and you ought to make sure things are squared away before you leave. Otherwise, you could come home to ruin and that can really sour an otherwise wonderful trip to the City of Lights.

1) What do you do about the pets? Couple of options, here. The most popular is boarding, but you should make sure they are up-to-date on their shots – especially your dog. Diseases like kennel cough might sound harmless, but they can lead to some pretty serious complications.

2) What do you do about the mail? Most people contact their carriers to inform them that they will not be receiving mail for however long they are away. It’s just a lot safer than letting all that mail pile up over time.

3) What about the neighbors? What about them? If you have some trustworthy neighbors, you ought to coordinate with them. They can feed your pets and collect your mail for you. Just make sure you give them a key instead of leaving one out for them. Also, no letters.

And, if you’re really worried about the home there’s a site called that has loads of information on home security systems. Might be worth a look.

Places To See In Paris

So, you have finally decided to take that trip to Paris. Before you pack your bags, activate the ADT security Baton Rouge service, say goodbye to the neighbors and hit the road you are going to want to take a look at this list I’ve put together. You may find that Paris has quite a few things for you to see and do, but having an idea of what you’re looking for can help immeasurably in the long run.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Moulin Rouge – The hottest show in France and possibly even all of the European Union, the Moulin Rouge is truly a treat for all the senses and all of the appetites. Live performances will get your heart racing as you enjoy fine food and fine dancing.

2. Eiffel Tower – This one is pretty obvious. Get a feel for fine French architecture and take a journey all the way to the top for a romantic and engaging view over the whole of Paris. They don’t call it the city of love for nothing.

And those are just a couple ideas to get you going. There is plenty more to see and do and you shouldn’t miss a second of it.

The Five Best Paris Diners for Lunch

There are many fine restaurants that are open for lunch in Paris. But, sometimes you may want a more casual place to eat like a diner. Bagels and Brownies is open for lunch. This is a Paris version of a New York deli. The bagels are all named after cities in the United States. For example, they offer a fancy avocado bagel called the Los Angeles.

The Bague de Kenza is a diner that has special Algerian Read the rest of this entry »

The Five Best Paris Cafs for Brunch

Brunch, a meal that’s commonly eaten between breakfast and lunch, is very popular in Paris. Most people partake in brunch during the late morning hours, usually between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Here are five of the best Paris Cafs for brunch.

1. Cafe de Flore.

Cafe de Flore is very charming. Besides featuring some of the best coffee around, Cafe de Flore also boasts some of the tastiest croissants. This popular cafe is located at the corner of the Rue St. Benoit.

2. Pause Cafe.

Pause Cafe is located in the heart of Paris, in Read the rest of this entry »

The Five Best Paris Restaurants for Dinner

There are a lot of great restaurants in Paris where a couple can enjoy a dinner. The first restaurant is the La Boissonnerie Restaurant. The La Boissonnerie Restaurant is a great place to people to go if they would love a variety of different wines with their dinner. The second restaurant is the Drouant Restaurant. The Drouant Restaurant is most famous for their roast chicken and fries that they serve the guests at the restaurant. They have different plays on some Read the rest of this entry »

Fine Dining in the Heart of Downtown Paris

When one things of dining in Paris, France, most are going to think of the ambiance, the scenery and the sights. Whether you want to visit there with your loved one, or you live there currently, Paris offers hundreds of fine dining restaurants throughout the city. Listed below are five of Paris’ finest restaurants:

1 Le Cing: Rated one of the best restaurants throughout all of Paris, Le Cing offers meals for every hour that range from breakfast to dinner. Read the rest of this entry »