The Five Best Paris Cafs for Brunch

Brunch, a meal that’s commonly eaten between breakfast and lunch, is very popular in Paris. Most people partake in brunch during the late morning hours, usually between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Here are five of the best Paris Cafs for brunch.

1. Cafe de Flore.

Cafe de Flore is very charming. Besides featuring some of the best coffee around, Cafe de Flore also boasts some of the tastiest croissants. This popular cafe is located at the corner of the Rue St. Benoit.

2. Pause Cafe.

Pause Cafe is located in the heart of Paris, in Popincourt.Is this new to you? Catch up here Like Cafe de Flore, croissants are very popular.

3. Cafe Charbon.

Few cafes in Paris are as laid-back as Cafe Charbon. It’s easily one of the best cafes for people-watching! Cafe Charbon is located at 109 rue Oberkampf 11e.

4. Cafe de la Paix.

Cafe de la Paix is a historic cafe located at 5 Place de l’Opera. Be sure to try the Millefeuille du Caf de la Paix.

5. Cafe Beaubourg.

Located at 43 rue Saint-Merri, Cafe Beaubourg is one of Paris’ most entertaining cafes. Try the chocolat chaud, as it’s easily one of the most popular items offered at the establishment.

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